Silvering is the debut full length album from Meadow Argus. The 5th release  finds Meadow Argus breaching new bounds of the sonic wall. Fresh collaborations with Ellie Dalton (vocals), David Megarrity (vocals) and Emma McDonald (singing saw) lift the production and tie the album together into a coherent offering that takes the listener on a journey. The ghosts of Espers, Pentangle, Pink Floyd, and Neu! gather and smirk as Meadow Argus tip their hat to traditional folk while bowing to the spaced-out whimsy of epic psychedelia.

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In 2018, Meadow Argus partnered with German net-label, Aumega Project.  Aumega represents everything from Acid Folk through Ambient, Kosmische, Space, Psych and waaaay more. Aumega's Sascha Wehling has been extremely supportive and have released every subsequent Argus release as well as all of the early Treeskin Music CDs of acid folk stuff that we were involved with during the 90s.. (more on that later...)  So, check the page here but make a coffee and roll a joint first. You'll be there a while!  

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"Elapid", Meadow Argus' fourth EP is out now!

Meadow Argus' fourth EP, "Elapid" is out now for digital download on the Argus' bandcamp. Four new original recordings, ranging from the guitar heavy fuzz/psych of 'Tender Terror' through the ambient swirls of 'Tutle Bird Bone' and the gentle acoustics of 'Preston Ladies' 

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Meadow Argus' third EP, "Fish Dreams the Universe" released April 2019

Meadow Argus' third EP, "Fish Dreams the Universe" is out now for digital download on the Argus' bandcamp page. Three English folk songs and one original instrumental piece. Fingerstyle guitar, delay drenched e-bow lead and theramin create a bed for beautifully naive vocals provided by Coby Cole Stegman on his debut recording.

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"No : No : Winter" released in October 2018

No : No : Winter, released in October 2018 is available here. Opening with a slab of jangly fuzz pop (Chandra Barks) about a local God/Dog, No : No ... is probably the most accessible of the current Argus EPs with more focus on songs and less of the endless space noodling... 

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Debut EP, "Hats for a Hollow God" released in April 2018.

The debut EP, from Meadow Argus, "Hats for a Hollow God" signals' Cole's intent to break all shackles with his acoustic history. Although the instrumentation has morphed from acoustic guitars and fiddles into delay drenched electric ebow monsters soaring over beds of bubbling synths and idiotic drums, the links to folk and myth remain. Listen or purchase at the bandcamp site.

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