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So, having put No : No : Winter out of the nest and into the big bad world, now comes the hard bit. Pushing it to radio stations,, music blogs, magazines etc etc.. I stumbled, somehow, across a site called Submithub which is portal from which (for a very small fee) you can submit your song to any of the 500+ participating music sites. It can be a harsh process. Out of the 20 or so submissions I've made, I've had two accept the song. ("Sonic Blender" from radio CILU in Ontario, Canada, and comeherefloyd, a blog from New Jersey, US) . Part of the process involves those submissions who rejected you providing a brief feedback review. After a couple you get used to the rejection. And, in some cases the feedback is actually quite positive. (I guess the song just doesn't fit their "vibe". All cool I reckon!!) So, here's a sample of some of the feedback 'Chandra Barks' has received. Credited, unedited, and in no way meant as any kind of whiny moan. On the contrary, most have been quite nice, sometimes a little harsh, but always informative (sometimes obtusely so!)...

So, in no particular order:

Very cool vocals here. Love it. Just not sold on the melody. Thnx

....Santa Rosa Records

Trippy '70s psych-rock nostalgia and aesthetic is certainly successful. I enjoy the feel of this track, certainly, though it felt lacking of a striking hook or melodic twist that hooked me in, personally

...Obscure Sounds

Feels a bit too chaotic in places with too much going on melodically as well and it seems to clash. It all doesn't gel too well with the percussion either. Has a lot of potential and the vocals are nice but this just isn't for me.

...Mix it all Up

The rhythm works well here with a real sense of motion driving the track, though the lyrical aspect didn't quite grab me enough this time

...Various Small Flames

i could hear it playing overhead at a record store, a little too passive of a listen for me. definitely was a cool organic psych sound similar to tame impala but more organic and authentic, i think organic and authentic because of the featured acoustic guitar

...Its Not Records

I liked the instrumentation, good contrast with acoustic guitar, fuzz guitar, and psychedelic sounds, but the singing was a little off in my opinion. Not bad, just not for me. Thanks for letting me hear this song.

...Watch Me Explode

'Chandra Barks' feels expertly crafted and has truly charming psychedelic sound, but I wish the vocals were slightly more dynamic and clear in the mix


I really hear some of that Syd Barretness of the track, it's a well performed song, but I'm just not really getting hooked as a listener.

Pop Occulture

Refunded. Good track, strong guitar work. Thank you.

...Indie Obsessive

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